1920s Wedding

Planning a wedding can surely be both exhilarating, fun but frustrating and tiring at the same time. For me, I wanted to have all the bits n’ pieces the way I want it to be, particularly the dresses! But before this, deciding on the theme was pretty crucial for us and the whole entire family involved in this affair. And right at the beginning of our planning, which was I think around end of August (yea just 5 months away from the due date, January 9th 2011!), we decided on Chicago Jazz 1920s! Yipppeeeeeee!!

I love the 20s era! The flapper, the gatsby, the tux, the jazz, the suspender…it’s so fun! *well we also picked this coz the father in law is one of the biggest collectors of antique cars in Indonesia, Hauwke Auto Gallery, and he wants to include his collection in the wedding setting…even better rite 😉

Here are a few of my 20s inspiration from the web…

The Gatsby

The Chicagoan

The Jazz Age

Paris Je T’aime by Steven Meisel

I swear I can stare at this editorial forever and still bedazzle.

This is like the ultimate modern, edgy, cool, dark glamour version of the flapper 1920s!

A gurl from the 1920s
This photograph captured me, for me it is the ultimate ‘real’ image of a girl from the 1920s

The Great Gatsby party

This is how I would want to picture my wedding..antique car, flapper looking ladies, gentlement tux and art deco backdrop!

Let’s do this and create a 1920s city in a ballroom!!

Click to see how to plan to create a city in a ballroom

Click here for the dresses’ inspiration

Click for the bits n pieces of 1920s

Click here to see the city!

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