i love staring at texture… it’s the shape and depth that intrigue me the most when looking up close, stitches can be an interesting texture   my kinda pavillion…the swirling pavillion following is the swirling canyon…its smooth wavy texture really fascinates me and it’s all made by nature… hard rock mountain…different shapes, sharp edges Bad … Continue reading

first photo shoot done!

phewwww…done! 18 looks shot, 1 model, 1 photographer, 1 venue, countless poses in 1 day…dang i’m really pushing it! but i’m glad we did it =) started at 10am, we did the make-up naturally one so it’s versatile…played more with accessories by Lost & Found and headpieces by Opposites Attract we were all really a … Continue reading

first time shooting

today is my very first photo shoot! styled by me…directed by me…shot by Enrics…modeled by Rena…shot in Salim’s Residence at Pondok Indah clothes by various international local designers i’m nervous! hopefully it will turn out great!!!!!