first photo shoot done!


18 looks shot, 1 model, 1 photographer, 1 venue, countless poses in 1 day…dang i’m really pushing it!

but i’m glad we did it =)

started at 10am, we did the make-up naturally one so it’s versatile…played more with accessories by Lost & Found and headpieces by Opposites Attract

we were all really a first-timer so we started really awkward and stiff but when the music was played, joked around a lil bit, and me posing silly, we started feelin’ it 😉

we kept on goin’…Enrics shot the whole look and the atmosphere of it and i shot the details of the pieces. We had a lot of fun doin’ it. We only stopped for lunch and kept on goin afterwards….til we got tired and ran out of poses!

here i am styling =p

ok…lots of photos to edit now! here are some sneak peeks of the exaggerate editing i tried ;p

i thought these two turned out really cool! but well can’t really see the outfit tho=/

okayyyyy…back to serious editing now…….i’ll be posting it soonnnnn!!!!


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