A city in a ballroom please…

This is what happen when you want to build a city inside a ballroom…

A lot of stages and must i say mock-up, mock-up, mock-up

As previously mentioned at the beginning of the wedding planning, we decided on a ‘Chicago Jazz 1920s’ theme

I wanna share the mock-ups that the designer/architecture made for us…he’s an acquaintance of the in-law who actually designed/built Dunia Fantasi, or mainly known as Dufan, a famous (and ermmm the only one..) theme park in Jakarta. It was real fun looking at the development stages, especially playing with the mock-ups! it’s kinda like a dollhouse ;p but of course all these became a play time because of a great collaboration we had between the 2 families \(.*v*)/

PS: before you go forward, I have to warn you, who are non-Indonesians, that Indonesian wedding tend to be a grand occasion and involve the parents more than anything…just so you don’t get shocked by the amount of stuff put into this wedding :p

Mock-up #1 – 28 Aug ’10 – developed from throwing ideas here n there

              From atop                                                                        The main entrance gate

Mock-up #2 – 29 Sept ’10 – bigger scale, more colours, more dimension…


We want garage shop, post office, gas station
cafe, music stage, and a pretty good size of dance floor too please!

don’t forget the park! -> we always wanted an outdoor wedding but with Jakarta’s humid

& often raining-to-flooding season, errr things could get really bad :s

And perhaps a grand entrance gate…

“City Hall”, quote unquote, is such a beautiful building to get married in.

We did a cross country around the U.S. just before he proposed and I loved the U.S. government buildings in the D.C area.

I took a hell lot of great pics of it.

We looked and looked and looked at our pics…And the final verdict goes to…….

yea…Library of Congress

Here is the mock-up, our version :p

we were kinda deciding on either tall pillars or the short pillars? hhmmmm…

Mock-up #3 – 12 Oct ’10 – another bigger scale on the wedding stage & cafe (ViP) section

so we picked tall pillars…Cafe that we used for ViP section is inspired by the New Orleans’ French Quarter (also from our cross country trip ;p)

The Garage Shop & Gas station…

if you’re wondering why on earth there’s a garage shop in our wedding, well gotta tell ya again that the father-in-law is not just a huge collector of antique cars, his hobby is also to revive old junkyard cars and make it new so the garage is an important part of the decor

Both of us love movies so we did want to put a cinema backdrop…I mean what is a city without a cinema rite?

But unfortunately, the cost and time weren’t on our side for this one so this one got left out 😦

Well those are the last mock-ups…now is the time to producing it!

Gotta tell ya that this had become something that is a lil bit beyond a conventional wedding, it kinda became a show production! Pressure had gotten into us at this point because we were worried sick if the set-up, which HAS to be done literally on the 00.00 hour of the event date (ooppss wedding day, i meant…seeee how this became more like a show!) to about 5pm. The design team that we relied on is not a professional at wedding so it became a lil bit difficult to work with to produce these mock-ups into reality.

At the beginning, we appointed them because all of us didn’t want a conventional Indonesian wedding that is commonly seen with flowers, n flowers n flowers =o *yawnnn…But unfortunately time constraint didn’t permit so at the end, we picked a wedding decorator, Lavender, to produce the backdrops for us and the father-in-law entrusted a set of crews to work on the decoration props. Even then, the groom & in-law stayed up til 3am in the ballroom at the night before the day to make sure things go right!

See..a lot of work, a lot of time constraint, a lot of pressure and a lot of wanting! hahahaha..but it has a good ending 😉

Check out the final ‘city‘ layout in the next posting!

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