Harajuku Gurls

First thing I wanted to do when I step into Tokyo is to visit, nonetheless, the-famous-for-its-eclectic-looking-gurls-&-renowned-by-my-favourite-icon-Gwen Stefani, Harajuku! Sunday for Harajuku is the crowdest time of the week and this is the day when all the Harajuku, or Japanese gurls really, to come out of their shell and show their individual eclectic style Here are … Continue reading

The Grease Groupie

Introducing The Grease Groupie So there I was entering Yoyogi Park and as I walk through the gate, I started noticing some youngsters who danced in groups as if they were rehearsing. But a group really caught my eye and then I realized this group was dressing like The Grease! I was completely speechless and amazed! … Continue reading

Kawaii signboards

One thing I noticed around Tokyo is its cute n attractive sign boards on shops, restaurants or even street signs! It really does make you stop n look.. *I think this post will be on going as I’m sure I’ll notice some more kawaii boards along my sightseeing in Tokyo ^(.*v*)^ Isn’t this the cutest … Continue reading

Tokyo kawaii-ness

Living in Tokyo, one of the most creative, art living, psychedelic city in the world has been nothing but inspiring so far! Apart from the almost-all delicious food, the city is full of many kawaii-ness (kawaii = cute) I love love love swirling in this particular city! Lots of inspiration that can come out of … Continue reading

The Wedding Dress-es

9 January 2011 Can’t believe the day’s here now! Here are the final creations of everything 🙂 You can notice some changes in design, which is a result of the collaboration and putting expertise input to make the pieces more comfortable. And of course, final fabric choices affect the design as well :p The dream … Continue reading

Our city of the 1920s

9 January 2011 So the day had come finally…the happiest day of our lives and when our journey together begins… After all the 5 months planning, we stood there and saw that what we had worked on, what we had worried and stressed on had finally come through and it was all worth it. Everything … Continue reading

Bits n pieces of 1920s

Like what folks always say: “If you wanna do it, then you gotta do it right!” So that’s exactly how I’m gonna do this wedding! Anyway it IS a once in a lifetime occasion and the time for me to do whatever the heck I want! 😉 (well, nooot exactly but u know what i’m … Continue reading