Bits n pieces of 1920s

Like what folks always say:

“If you wanna do it, then you gotta do it right!”

So that’s exactly how I’m gonna do this wedding! Anyway it IS a once in a lifetime occasion and the time for me to do whatever the heck I want! πŸ˜‰ (well, nooot exactly but u know what i’m saying :p)

I started with an icon for both of us so instead of being cheesy by putting our names all over the stationery, maybe an icon is better..and cooler :p

Our logo…honestly, I can’t remember how I came up with this…but Edw always has spiky hair and me a short one with full bang :p

Then everything has to be in themed with the 1920s Chicago…so from the font, the colour, the design it self have got to be 1920s!

We decided to do a frame format for the invitation. You see, Indonesian wedding, in general, always have nice beautiful, expensive, invitation. Sometimes it’s so beautifully made that my mom doesn’t even want to throw it away but then again, you can’t really use it for anything else, except it being some couple’s wedding invitation! So we decided to do our invitation so in the end, our guests could keep it (well hopefully :p) and use it as a frame (hopefully too..but of course that’s up to them :p)

Frame Design

eat, drink and be merry…yeaaa we’re a fan of Dave Matthews Band πŸ™‚

Final Invitation

The paper for the frame has a wood-like texture and with its wood brown colour, we hope it could feel like wooden frame for our guests :p

The art deco border on the top is a laser cutout to give accent and for the invitation part itself we use vintage off white paper to add a vintage feel to it.

The part that I like is the opening word. Instead of some cheesy, common, too sweet love words, which don’t really describe us anyway, we put our own personalities and go for Dave on it πŸ™‚

‘a lover’s kiss is better than angels raining down on me’

The Guest Book

Similar everything but with the coral background itself, it makes it totally cool! πŸ™‚

Now the part, which gave me lots of headache but still enjoyable to do too..the souvenir! Gosh this also we went around looking for the perfect ‘Thank You’ gift. Again, people give a lot of nice lil gifts n all and it could end up as ‘junk’ in the house…so what would be something that can be useful too but still worth something? Yea glass coaster…my mom came up with the idea so there I was…ended up designing glass coaster. And to make it more artsy, I used the vintage cars and play around with Photoshop :p

Ok It IS made out of glass and the only reason we’re doin it is coz we found a guy who could make it for us :p Β and we had a hard time trying to find anybody who could make coasters for us :s

* Fonts used: Parisian and Odalisque -> best fonts I’ve used for 1920s character!


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