Our city of the 1920s

9 January 2011

So the day had come finally…the happiest day of our lives and when our journey together begins…

After all the 5 months planning, we stood there and saw that what we had worked on, what we had worried and stressed on had finally come through and it was all worth it. Everything came out perfect and we couldn’t wish for anything better than what it is πŸ™‚

And ermmm..we did plan for a CHICAGO Jazz 1920s, but the decor ended up being a lil bit here n there out of Chicago :p

Here is the final look of our lil city…

We didn’t end up having the ‘grand’ entrance gate that we had planned for,

but instead, we got our own London post boxes (8 of ’em also!) with our very own postbox sticker that I created myself πŸ˜‰

Above the post-office boxes are our photos in vintage film roll done by our brothers,

Enrico F. Limman as the photographer and R. Laurent Setjodiningrat as the editor.

The photos turned out really cool, so in love with the 22m-long photograph now πŸ˜€

As you enter the ballroom, you’ll pass our living room first that is full of 1920s props and our pictures from

traveling the world when we were still dating.

The one shown below is a big map of the U.S. and it has polaroids of our pictures from our 2-weeks cross country trip and when we used to live there

Entering the ballroom and you will first stroll into the park with its benches

then the jazz band, Ireng Maulana, will accompany you thru the night and don’t worry you’ll have a fairly large space to dance πŸ˜‰

Wander around the city and you’ll find post office, groceries (with real fruits & veggies yo!)

the garage shop…maybe you want to revive the old car? πŸ˜‰ it comes with real tools too!

Ok maybe you’re not interested in reviving some old car, but you certainly need to fill up ur gas rite?

and this time don’t worry, it’s NOT real ;pthe crew from the in-law, all dolled up as 1920s boys is around to assist you :p

watch for the street signs!! make sure you know where to go!

we’re on our way to the bar, u need a ride mate?

Alrite, alrite, before we get a wiggle on the giggle water, let’s get hitched first in the ‘city hall’!

Our very own ‘city hall’ wedding stage πŸ˜‰

stop by the cafe to get a bit Frenchy, will ya?

Ok let’s get a wiggle to the speakeasy back there in the corner, booze it up and salute to this day!

sshhh..the booze all is hidden in the back of the truck…

This is where we’re gonna party it up with the band, Mike’s Apartment, jamming on the back of the truck all night till late!

These guys really rock our wedding til late and everybody was just singing to the tune while gulping down all the liquors!

The party ended at 1am but we did wish it never ended :p

Well hope you enjoyed strolling down our lil city and those who came had a blast πŸ™‚

It was unfortunate that our city had to be torn down right after the party πŸ˜₯ we did wonder if we could keep it up for 1 more day just so we can enjoy it again hahaha..well, of course not! U wish!

But now looking at all the pictures, we’re thinking “s**t! how did we manage to do all those??” I guess it’s all thanks to the team, our family’s support & help, and definitely to our own patience to each other! hahaha


*Photographs are all taken by David Salim

*Italics words are 1920s slang taken from here

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