Tokyo kawaii-ness

Living in Tokyo, one of the most creative, art living, psychedelic city in the world has been nothing but inspiring so far! Apart from the almost-all delicious food, the city is full of many kawaii-ness (kawaii = cute)

I love love love swirling in this particular city! Lots of inspiration that can come out of the sightseeing…

Akihabara – the ANIME town

(well I wish I had taken more pictures of the super kawaii anime characters!)

Next is a mural I came across while walking away from the Akihabara. Before this, I must say that I got pretty excited looking at the anime stuff, but after a while, it’s more full of the computer geeky stuff (.T_T) so I’m pulling myself away from the geeky stuff. Lucky me, I came across this amazing mural that was done by lil Japanese students

I like how her yellow rain coat matches the mural!

I like seeing the transformation from pictures on paper to the mural! Sugoi (cool)!!


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