The Grease Groupie

Introducing The Grease Groupie

So there I was entering Yoyogi Park and as I walk through the gate, I started noticing some youngsters who danced in groups as if they were rehearsing. But a group really caught my eye and then I realized this group was dressing like The Grease! I was completely speechless and amazed! Who would’ve thought that of all places and cities, I could find fans of Grease in Tokyo, Japan?! It’s awesome!

They knew the rock n roll moves, they knew how to work their legs just like it, they mimed the words, music was totally 50s rock n roll and most importantly is their style. They dressed like Grease, did the greasers on their hairs, and each group has its own Grease style of course…

The Grease Stud

Yea I like the guy on the left..he looks pretty smooth

The 50s Preppy Grease

The Grease Denim Fever 

Check out their legs…I was speechless by it..

He’s pretty good too..and he just kept goin’ on n on n on..

They were so dedicated and dance practically from noon throughout the day!

Well, they gave me an inspiration to do some 50s rock n’ roll sketch complete with the Greasers hairstyle! \(.*v*)/

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