Harajuku Gurls

First thing I wanted to do when I step into Tokyo is to visit, nonetheless, the-famous-for-its-eclectic-looking-gurls-&-renowned-by-my-favourite-icon-Gwen Stefani, Harajuku! Sunday for Harajuku is the crowdest time of the week and this is the day when all the Harajuku, or Japanese gurls really, to come out of their shell and show their individual eclectic style

Here are some of the pics I have…I must say wish I had taken more (.-_-‘) but you’ll see the reason why I didn’t have the time (.*v*)

These gurls walked passed me and I was just blown away with their mixed of colours in each outfit…and I like colours!

Look at the shoes! Look at the hats! Look at the hairs! Look at their legs!!

The French maid

The PiNK hmmm lady? man? gurl?

But he/she happened to stand behind a perfect PiNK background

I got excited looking at the stores too!

I love to see how this tutu can be transformed into something cute & funky, without looking too childish or ballet-ish

Check out the inspiration picture attached to the front hanger

The more eco-ish, natural-ish funky Harajuku style

I do wish I had taken more pics but I was pre-occupied at Yoyogi Park, a park just across the Harajuku street, watching at this..The Greasers

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