Harajuku – inspired

Harajuku Gurls are so inspiring!

I searched for more pictures on Harajuku on the web and these are ones that caught my eyes (u can click on the picture to go to the original blog)

LOVE the accessories on the bangs! and wow they look like total ravers too with all the plasticky neon bracelets

I really like her style..it’s a bit more mature but kawaii at the same time

Well this is, for me, way over the top but well that’s Harajuku!

Well here is my sketch version of Harajuku…

Yakyuu Tutu

I call her Yakyuu Tutu with yakyuu is baseball in Japanese as I pair up baseball varsity jacket & baseball cap, all with Kawaii elements, with sexy bustier with bright pink details  and of course, the circle lavender skirt that has bright yellow tutu underneath. And all is well done with high knee-length socks and my all favourite All Star sneaks

Neon Kawaii

So neon is in trend for SS 2011 and I’ve been noticing how the Harajuku gurls are into neon accessories so here is Neon Kawaii. Bustier with exaggerated peplum and I like to mix the blue neon with natural lace trim. Many Harajuku gurls I noticed wear baggy pants. As baggy as it can be, it’s not really my cup of tea yet. So here I design the bustier with neon orange harem pants that has a contrast neon pink on the inside.

Do tell me what you think of the designs

I’d be very happy if you’d like to use my illustration for any purposes, please do let me know here and kindly give credit. Cheers!


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