Sakura in the midst of crisis

I’ve always wanted to do hanami, which really means viewing sakura. In fact, I was so excited to be spending time in Japan during the Sakura season, which only runs for about 1-2 weeks in each city and there’s never really any certain prediction.But due to the earthquake & tsunami & nuclear disaster, we were forced to leave Japan to avoid anymore dangerous risk ='(

But once we were back in Indonesia, situation in Japan seemed to be improving and the plan on returning to Japan is back! But Osaka would be the next destination…oh well….Osaka can’t be bad rite!?

We left Jakarta on Sunday April 10th at midnight and arrived at the Kansai Int’l Airpot at 7am the next morning. I actually didn’t expect to see any sakura anymore. In fact, I just kinda remembered it after 2 days being in Osaka =s

Osaka-jo Koen (Osaka Castle Park)

Picnic in the park while viewing the sakura illumination and overlooking the Osaka Castle at the pm

The garden pathThe green tree becomes the odd one out

Sakura within the dark sky

I remember looking up to the sky while walking in the garden. It’s a really pretty sight from down there…can you spot the moon? 😉

Osaka Mint

A sakura tunnel where you can walk-through to view 400 cherry trees of approximately 120 species when it’s in full bloom. I wasn’t particularly excited after seeing people flocking to this famous cherry blossom spot as I expected it more to be like a park, instead of a path. But indeed, it still had a lot variety of cherry blossom species and there’s even green sakura! The colourful sakura trees were beautiful…

Sakura from here & there while walking the city

By the Okawa River

One sight of sakura that I heart so much

Next to the Okawa River

I love love this spot! it was quite an empty park by the Okawa River but before the Osaka Mint.

It seems so hidden & empty, and all white, there’s a serenity feel in it

Just a park we walked by and we spotted some old people just stood there admiring the beauty of the sakura around them

Somewhere behind a gateIt’s so calming to see the sakura under the blue, blue sky…

I think I’m beginning to like staring at the sky thru the sakura 😉

It’s such an inspiration looking at sakura and I love the silhouettes of the trees itself. Next is my design sketch based on it…

PS: do refer to the links attached and I use as some of the info. It’s been one of the most useful info about Japan lately 😉

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