The Sakura Himemiya

I looked thru the pictures I took from the hanami and it just gave me inspiration to do something of a princess, or angel, or some sort, that is the mother of all sakura who protects its growth and its existence in this earth. The picture from the Osaka-jo is particularly the one that lets my mind wander…

Here are some of my photographs that become the source of my wandering…

The result of my wandering mind 😉

I call here Sakura Himemiya, which means Princess of Sakura. She wears a bustier that has scattered sakura leaves on the bust with an extension of sakura branches by her shoulder as a symbol of her being Sakura Himemiya. The skirt is like of a ballet skirt but it’s made out of the falling sakura tree

Do tell me what you think of the designs

I’d be very happy if you’d like to use my illustration for any purposes, please do let me know here and kindly give credit. Cheers!

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