Street live painting

I’ve been spotting live painting on the street of Osaka in the past few’s quite interesting actually to see how the artist transforms the blank canvas into a piece of art

The 1st live painting I watched was by a friend of mine, Julie Blanchin, a French artist who resides in Tokyo now. She had a digital live painting in Ripple Bar, Tokyo, where she projected her drawing to the wall above around the bar accompanied by a live music. I always liked her illustration style. Somehow it’s very eclectic and a bit of Japanese & French is infused to the style.

The projector on the front with the guitar acoustic

The side wall on top

Simultaneously…even the pillar gets a drawing πŸ™‚

For the sakura season!!

The artist, Julie BlanchinClick to check out her website

After it was done, I asked her how she came up with the illustration and if she practiced before :p She laughed and said “of course it’s spontaneous!” The way she drew and the live music was in-sync so it was all an improvised session…pretty cool! I always wonder how musicians can improvise their performance and there I was came to wonder again how artist can improv while trying to be in-sync with the music! sugoidesune!

The 2nd one I spotted a live painting was in Tonbori Wasshoi Festival, in Dotonbori, Osaka by the river. 3 different artist and 3 different canvases. All 3 with different styles…

with 1 that is very distinct…

and this is why…

I mean he’s amazing and talented…but check out his props surrounding his canvas..weird stuff goin’ on there. His face was also painted white like the ghost in The Grudge movie and he had a groupie of 2 ‘school’ girls with same white painted face looking quite creepy in the day time :p But that’s his style and people were interested by him

The middle one is,I think, quite a surrealist one

Unfortunately didn’t see the other 3rd one in the works…but watching artists work on their painting can take quite some time…so I kinda walked here n there too..

The last one I watched was in Midosuji Street Festival, Osaka. It’s a festival of art, music, dance performances in Midosuji Dori where the whole street was closed. LOVE this kinda festival btw :p The dance & music performances were awesome! There was a traditional drum-beating performance, called Wadaiko, that was done by probably high-school kids and they were all awesome! A jazz music too where the group guys all looked like rappers but they played impressive jazz music. Also an eclectic group with that Japanese Reggae kinda style (which I can’t find out what it’s called til now@_@) and Β its interesting music instrument.

There was a live painting at the end where the art section was. This time is 1 big canvas and 6 different artists. All 6 have its own style and putting these 6 together was wow…awe-inspiring!

The Girl artist

I really like the way he drew this girl…the shading, the eyes, the lips, the’s cool

The Cow artistCheck out how he adds the shading with the navy blue on top of orange filling…awesome! Great colour combination too!

The Cartoonist artist

Hehe I call him the cartoonist, at first I thought why are his drawings so blahhh…but then when he added those outlines, wowwww looks sooo cartoonist! πŸ™‚

The Textured artist

I like how he does textures…you see it live while he does and you can feel the artist in him

The Cubism artist

She’s the only girl in the group and she makes things sweet with her pastels coloured cubism

The Gradient artist

He made the gradient backgrounds that pops everything up

Kinda the Final….

Not really the final yet…yea wish could’ve stayed longer 😦

Well that’s all…but watching live paintings is pretty therapeutic actually…it’s calming to see the artists’ hands moving and it’s like there’s surprises there, especially if you don’t know the artists at all ;p

If I see anymore, I’ll post it again..I’m gonna hunt more! :p


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