The Black Rain

I can still picture the A-Bomb devastation in my head until now…and I read stories about the surviving victims, which really saddens me šŸ˜¦

Found this website that has the victims’ stories and facts on nuclear bombs in those days and present…

Here is a sketch I came up with…

I remember about the black rain, which rain that fell from the sky after a nuclear explosion. It’s all the residue and bad chemicals that is mixed together and go back to earth in the form of rain. Click here for a more scientific explanation. Its formal name is Nuclear Fallout but the Japanese victims called it Black Rain…The victims died right away when they drank this water but they were so thirsty from the heat, the radiation, the burnt that they couldn’t careless about the colour of the water they drank from.

Left clothes and bags and buildings were stained by this black rain and the image of those I saw from the museum is still so vivid that I started drawing this white dress that are stained with the black rain and it’s blown away from the explosives. Her clothes are tornĀ apart and she looks up to the ashy blue sky wondering why this had happened…The river turns black with strong black colour and the buildings are burning, burning hot…and everything just turns gray….

Damn I wish I was a better illustrator so I could draw what’s on my imagination better (.T_T)’ Ā but you kinda get my point rite??

Peace out!

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