The 70s fever

This Spring 2011, the street youngsters and fashion runways have been hit with massive 70s fever. I walk down the Shinsaibashi-Suji shopping street in Osaka and every boutiques carry 70s inspired clothing. And after going to Hiroshima and looking at the PEACE pledge & messages, it kinda feels like going back to that 1970s era when people did go on strike for peace.

A 1970s scene that came into my mind right away is from Forrest Gump when Jenny, played by Robin Wright Penn, is reunited with Forrest, of course by Tom Hanks, in the big rally at Washington D.C. It’s such a cool scene when they both run in the Reflecting Pool at the Lincoln Memorial and for me, it described the hippy 1970s era…Jenny is such a cool hippie there!

 * Taken from Seventies Hairstyle

Another 70s things from a movie is that movie poster of Taking Woodstock, a movie about the 1969 infamous Woodstock Music Festival…gosh cool poster! I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’m gonna hunt for that movie and watch it!

I searched online about the 70s peace hippie stuff and found a lot of swirling motifs. Here are some and you can click on the pics to go to the original website

 Five Peace Band

Some hippy accessory kit, which you can buy 🙂 just click on the picture

LOVE necklace, which you can buy too from the store

I like this graphic too, which you can see it in this link. Don’t wanna download it coz of licensing issue :s

So you get what I mean…all this swirling kinda motifs…so retro :p and colourful!

I just got NYLON Japan magazine June 2011 that has cool 70s inspired outfits too…these are my faves…

Folklore with a whole lot of hippie vibe

Styled by Rumi Neely

Flared denim and head scarf…perfect!Styled by Gemma Rowland

Next one is from FUDGE Japan May 2011 which happens to have editorial called Hippie Happy Time 🙂

Love the attitude! Don’t have a care about anything and if you wanna wear lingerie then!

The gurly hippie…but she has that strange mysterious expression that makes the outfit less gurly :p

Last one is from FUDGE magazine as well but an editorial for Ralph Lauren Collection

The editorial IS called Girly Western Style..but for me this has a bit of Romantic feel with its vintage lace & square cotton (i think it’s made of cotton :p) but the leather pants and her pose, I don’t know it feels like Romantic Hippie! 😀 LOVE the styling!

Check out next post for my 70s sketch 😉

2 Responses to “The 70s fever”
  1. Melissa says:

    Cool stuff, but this stuff is from the 1960s (hippies=1960s). Most of these styles hung on only for a couple of years past the summer of love (1969). Having lived through the 1970s, I remember more clothes reminiscent of the movies Dazed & Confused and Saturday Night Fever. Lots of cut off shorts. Also, a lot of polyester blends. Look at tv shows like Charlie’s Angels, Three’s Company, Dukes of Hazard. Since the 1950s were big in the 1970s(think Happy Days), there was also a lot of 1950s inspired fashion.

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