The Multi-Flagship

I’ve been blessed to have lived in different countries in the past of my life…it’s such an inspiring experience & advantageous opportunity to be able to do this in your lifetime πŸ™‚ Living in a different country than your own opens up your eyes to what’s out there beyond what you know, it gives you so much insights way more than and makes you think “Geezzz…I didn’t know other people can do it that way!” But you have to be open-minded and accept differences. No human beings are the same, let alone a country or a culture. But I think, differences are what makes this world an interesting place to live πŸ™‚

Flags of Tees

Cutout white tee with different flag on each & drawn with a lil attitude of its origin :p

I’m originally from Indonesia with Chinese as my race. Born in Manchester, U.K but was only there until 6-months old. Went to Perth, Australia, for my high school years. Then off to Los Angeles, U.S, for college years and worked there for a bit, and with traveling as one of my hobby, I always took advantage of doing road trip around the country within the 6 years being there. Determined to have a higher degree, I was then off to London, U.K for my M.A degree for 1 year. Study seems to be a ‘favourite’ occurence in my course of life too so now I end up being in Osaka, Japan, for some Japanese language learning, with Tokyo, Japan, in the previous 3 months.

Every time I end up being in a country, I always want to find out about its cultures. Culture is a very interesting aspect of human lives. I guess it’s the one that defines our lives too πŸ™‚ I actually ended up doing my M.A project based on culture, which I call it Clash of DesireΒ πŸ˜‰

Appreciate cultures and the variety of it, the traditionalism of it…Our lives have moved rapidly towards modernism and busy-ism that people tend to ignore traditional cultures. But communication has grown globally now that we can take advantage of it by learning other cultures thru the web. Or, plane tickets are more affordable now that you can go to other cities easily and let yourself wander about the different cultures and shop on the local stores instead of those Zara, or Mango, or Gucci, or Prada, which you can always find at your city right? πŸ˜‰


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