Why The Mushroom?

I have this thing with mushroom…yea mushroom 🙂

For me, I see mushroom as a symbol of fantasy, or dream, or something that is beyond reality…if you notice, anything that has a concept of fantasy, you can almost spot mushroom somwhere

My fond of mushroom started when I saw Takashi Murakami exhibition at MOCA back in 2008. It was an amazing exhibition and it showcased a lot of his works. He was just such an amazing artist and his works are so…I don’t know can’t describe it…just sooo…something… I was gonna do my tat at that time, I remember telling my friends that maybe I’ll get both kiki & kaikai on the back of my ears each! Of course, they said “are u insane?? do you really want to have those creatures when u get old?!?” hahaha…so I gave a second thought on it :p Well in the end, I got mushroom on the back of my neck 😀 Murakami’s mushrooms are the weirdest & cutest! With all the swirls, the funny weird eyes, and mixed colours, these mushrooms are adorably scary!

Here is a video of Takashi Murakami exhibition at the Chateau de versailles…gosh his usually-colourful sculptures could even fit in with the Victorian, Renaissance interior!! And noticed how he created new ones with gold & silver too which adds a twist to the museum’s interior…FANTASTIC!

Here is also a video by Takashi Murakami about Louis Vuitton that I LuV!

Gosh this guy is such an inspiration!

I love fantasy and I love dreaming about something that is beyond reality. I think being able to go beyond reality is important in the creative process. I mean have you seen the stuff that Alexander McQueen did?? His stuff is out of this world! God knows what he’s thinking when he did all those! He could always come up with the craziest concept on both his clothing designs & fashion show productions..gosh I wish I could get into his brain and see what’s goin’ on in there….it’s so unfortunate that he passed at such a young age 😥

From McQueen’s current exhibition at MET, NY. Click on the pic to go to the website.

If you’re in NY, please go…for me…coz everytime I remember that the exhibition is goin’ on rite now, it always make me wanna cry 😥

I watched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe the other day. That movie is like childhood’s fairy tales come true. Imagine, there are witch, lion as a king, sagitarius soldiers, mermaids, unicorn…it’s such a fantasy that comes into ‘live’. I was literally brought into this world when I watched it! :p

There’s also Alice in Wonderland…..ah don’t let me start. It’s the best movie for fantasy. Perfect child story comes into live with all the quirky animals & creatures. Tim Burton did an awesome job creating the characters to live. And the costumes….it’s P.E.R.F.E.C.T!

You see the mushrooms! so fantasy-ish! Such a great artwork on this movie

Oh I also came across this Japanese artist at the Tonbori Wasshoi Festival, in Dotonbori, Osaka, who turns out to have the same fond as mine 🙂 Her name is オリガネ マイ, Origane Mai. I wish I could’ve talked with the artist 😦 She does some illustration on mushroom and it’s adorably whimsical! Check out more of her work here

I wish I could buy all of her mushroom artwork :p

Ok…so I love those fantasy stuff that takes you out of this world and I’d love to do those to my designs. But by being Indonesian and raised by entrepreneur, business-minded parents, it keeps me on the ground pretty often and takes me back to reality every time I try to escape. I like to play around with designs but as a matter of fact, if you wanna make it in the fashion industry, you have to be a lil bit conventional and make things wearable (.-_-)’

Indeed, I guess that’s why I like sketching. Playing with the background kinda give a freedom to do what I want but still keeping the clothes on the ground :p And that’s why the mushroom tat too! To remind me who I am, what I want and to get people wonder ‘why mushroom?’ :p

Anyway, next post is something on mushroom that I did 🙂


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