Modern Grease way

I almost forgot to do my Grease sketch! I was at the Tempozan Harbor Village on the weekend and I saw this girl, really cool, has this ultra-cool, a lil bit of rock look in her outfit and her hair, which she did it like that ‘grease’ lookin’ hair! It was sooo cool and it reminded me of Grease!

So I started searching online for some ideas about Grease and I found this!

Yep, Christina Aguilera spotted with that hairdo that I saw on that Japanese girl! It’s really cool rite! I think this is gonna be my next updo for next event ;p

Anyway, here is my idea on a modern take on Grease-inspired outfit

I like the rock n roll Grease better than the sunshine college look. So I did a black structured bustier with over-the-shoulder neckline and sleeves that padded & diamond-quilted with metal studs. Centre front panel is full embellished with variety big & small metal studs. For Spring ’11, accordion pleat is apparently back in trend. I remember when accordion pleat was in trend back in early 2000. I owned a couple but never worn it again till now. And I love how Who What Wear featured it now. So anyway it gave me an idea to do this handkerchief-style skirt made out of sheer chiffon in accordion pleats so it flows and moves. Wear it over the spandex black legging and top it off with black patent shoes with metal studded back & its heels. Not forgetting the quilted leather necklace with metal studs & hanging chains and leather studded bracelet with hanging chains as well.

And there you go, you get that Grease bad-girl style with a touch of 1950s but up-to-date as well 😉


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