Kimono & The Dragonflies

The Summer Dragonflies ┬áIt’s summer in Japan soon and all the yukatas are out. And all the pastels from the kimonos images that I’ve collected have also inspired me to do something with pastels, but of course with a bit of an edge. Here is a see-through kimono with painted dragonflies flying. Underneath is yellow … Continue reading

The Kimono

Long before living in Japan, I was always fascinated with the Japanese culture. The cartoon anime that I used to watched religiously in my younger days like Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, and the thousands comic books, just infused my fascination toward Japanese cultures starting the day I could read. And of course … Continue reading

2nd video of Takashi Murakami for LV

Takashi Murakami still stands as my source of fantasy inspiration. His mushroom, his colourful flowers, his bears with colourful spots & big round dizzy eyes, those colourful background…it’s out-of-this-world! His work collaboration with one of the long-standing brand known for its luxurious products, Louis Vuitton, really made the brand stand out to distinction. Marc Jacobs … Continue reading

The anime exhibition

My Japanese language school (or we call it Nihongo school), Meric, happens to be at Nipponbashi, Osaka. Nipponbashi is like Akihabara in Tokyo. The centre of electronic goods, computer, camera, electronics stuff, you name it, it’s there…yea boring…BUT the exciting part about these 2 areas are the anime community with lots of game centers, anime … Continue reading