The anime exhibition

My Japanese language school (or we call it Nihongo school), Meric, happens to be at Nipponbashi, Osaka. Nipponbashi is like Akihabara in Tokyo. The centre of electronic goods, computer, camera, electronics stuff, you name it, it’s there…yea boring…BUT the exciting part about these 2 areas are the anime community with lots of game centers, anime toy stores, maid cafes with Japanese girls dressing up like anime-style French maids, and anime art exhibitions. It’s always so exciting to walk through this area and looking at the cute, kawaii anime toys!

I picked up some flyers with anime illustration and gosh it’s beautiful! I swear I could treat some of these as posters!

There’s an art exhibition actually soon at Art Jeuness Gallery, Nipponbashi

26 May – 30 May –> I missed it (.>_<)

SEGA by Tony

2 June – 6 June

Junichi Inoue

9 June – 13 June

Haruhiko Mikimoto


I LuV this one by Kei! It’s sooo stunning! So mysterious, so beautifully done on good n’ evil

Another events on Anime exhibition:

Toku Shima Eastern Festival – 29 May –> missed it again (.><)

Madoka…something…I’m not sure what it’s called but this is its website – 26 June  

Comic Art Festa 011 @HEP Umeda – 11 June – 12 June

MUST MUST MUST go here!!!! it’s gonna be soo amazing to see all the anime illustrations!
The Nipponbashi Map
Gosh even the map is made sooo cute!!!
And finally my new collection of this totally kawaii anime toys!!!
Luv these all esp the one with the almost-crying face on the top left!! She looks too adorable! I told the hub that if he ever gets mad, I’ll put her right on his face so it’ll put a smile on his face :p
The ones with hair tied on both sides come in separate pieces so I can buy different tops, bottoms, hairs, shoes and even props like fun is that!!! I’m sooo gonna buy more!

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