2nd video of Takashi Murakami for LV

Takashi Murakami still stands as my source of fantasy inspiration. His mushroom, his colourful flowers, his bears with colourful spots & big round dizzy eyes, those colourful background…it’s out-of-this-world! His work collaboration with one of the long-standing brand known for its luxurious products, Louis Vuitton, really made the brand stand out to distinction. Marc Jacobs did such an influential decision that made the brown monogram into something that can cater to the youngsters and even the socialites women who want to just have that twist in their outfits. I mean, gosh, even my mother has one of the Multicolore Monogram! (and that’s the only LV I ‘borrow’ from her :p)

Here is the 2nd video that was created for their 6 years anniversary…gosh can’t believe it’s been 6 years! But I watched the 1st video just now and it didn’t even feel like it’s old! 

The first one, Superflat Monogram, uploaded by 

The 2nd one, Superflat First Love, uploaded by 

The video actually made me feel like I WISH I was that gurl! How delightful n’ whimsical it is to fly around in those colourful world, with the coloured spots pandas around you..it’s so dreamy!

The 2 artist/designer collaboration enlightened me how you have to dare to be different…you don’t want to be washed out in this never-ending super consumerism world. If you want to get noticed, you just have to do something that is different from the mass. Or if you’re already blended into the crowd, then twist yourself a bit so people start noticing U 😉



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