The Kimono

Long before living in Japan, I was always fascinated with the Japanese culture. The cartoon anime that I used to watched religiously in my younger days like Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, and the thousands comic books, just infused my fascination toward Japanese cultures starting the day I could read. And of course now being in fashion industry, the fascination grows toward its clothing, which is kimono 🙂

When I travel, I love to buy postcards with illustrations or collect flyers that has illustration. And now in Japan, I collect those with kimonos 😉

A Kabuki show poster found in Gion, Kyoto

 Kabuki show, which is known as Japanese traditional performance dated back from the Edo Period (1603 – 1867), distinguished by the white face paint. This kimono is more luxurious and is made out of a more brocade material. I like the pastel coloured embroidery over the grey silver.

A poster on a Geisha show found in Gion, Kyoto

Love the colour combination on the kimono, obi (sash worn around the waist) and the date eri (the neck piece that resembles collar), down to its hair accessory and her ogi (folding fans). It has a nice vintage feel to it.

The Kyo Maiko bookmarks, from Kyoto

Maiko is the apprentice of Geisha, usually young women below the age of 21, who also does dancing & singing, and perform shamisen (three-stringed Japanese instrument) in a feast.

These bookmarks are perfect! I always like illustration postcards better than photographs so these illustration of Kyo Maiko on bookmarks are such better replacement 😀 Love the obi and the textiles prints that are such iconic of Japanese textiles.

A Poster of Maiko Show for the May of  2011

 A real lookout on how Maiko looks like in photographs. Check out their Geta, the Japanese sandals! The high platform is wicked!

A Postcard on ‘Maiko in Sakura’, bought in Kinkaku Temple, Kyoto

Her kimono is fabulous with the blue colour and the geometric motifs that still has Japanese accents around the sleeves, and her geta! It’s amazing and I wonder how you really walk with it

A Postcard on Maiko’s hair style, bought at Kinkaku Temple, Kyoto

I always love the way kimono is draped low on the back neckline. It’s so sexy and mysterious at the same time. Especially, with the white paints like this on a Maiko…very distinctive and appealing!

Postcard from Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto

I like this illustration and the pastel combination of the kimonos…very soft, very innocent. It’s like real Japanese girls back in the old days. What would it be like if all the girls still wear kimonos now?

A poster found in Osaka

This is like a comic drawing from a comic book that I read when I was young :p But I like the background surrounding the 3 sisters. The flowers are delicate and very spring-ish

The Couple Origami

This is a typical of Japanese dolls origami. Again the prints are iconic of Japanese Textile motifs. I bought one of the instructions to do this kind of origami, can’t wait to execute it! :p

Miyajima in Fall, bought from Miyajima Island, Hiroshima

Now this is also a more typical comic drawing you could find in comic books. So cute and adorable, especially the lil deers! It’s also  a great image of Fall in Miyajima. Love the fiery red, orang and yellow leaves, which is how the leaves look like in the island

Stickers on kimonos and a couple of Japanese iconic articles like sado (the tea ceremony), sakura (cherry blossom), and okashi (‘snacks’ in Japanese)

I swear I bought this sticker just for the sake of it..I wouldn’t even peel it off >_<

The Japanese Children bookmarks

These Japanese children illustrations are absolutely adorable! It has a great vibe of Japanese children in the old days with their kimonos outfits, playing in the field

The Four Season kimono women, taken at Gion, Kyoto

I also  found this magazine of Yukata, the summer kimono made out of cotton. Summer is the season for matsuri (festival) in Japan. Young girls and women usually attend the matsuri in colourful yukata. I saw a lot of magazines on yukata but this particular one took my attention the most

This magazine is different than the others. The editorials are younger and the style is more eclectic like my favourite ones above. The mix of colours and the prints are more contemporary and fashion forward. The use of accessories like hats and handbags also add to the touch of its eclecticism. Lovin’ it!

The pastels and cute Japanese prints inspired me to do a sketch 🙂 Here it is my own interpretation on a summer kimono :p


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