Tough Chic

I was browsing my favourite NJAL website to look for new fashion, emerging designer and definitely an escape to creativity, when I came across Rihanna ‘HARD’ Spike dress made by Bryce Aime <div style=”position:relative;width:500px;height:500px;”><a href=”;.mid=embed-thing&amp;id=35241796″><img width=”500″ alt=”BRYCE_AIME dress” src=”; title=”BRYCE_AIME dress” height=”500″ border=”0″ force=”1″ /></a></div><br/><small><a href=”;.mid=embed-thing&amp;id=35241796″>BRYCE_AIME dress</a>   (clipped to <a href=””></a&gt;)</small> It’s an awesome … Continue reading

Styling out

I’ve always loved fashion editorial…I buy magazines mainly for its fashion editorial..if it’s cool, I’ll pick it up in a heartbeat 😀 But one magazine that I always L.O.V.E for its editorial is nonetheless, Lula….with a tag line of ‘girl of my dreams‘, its editorial is always so gurl-ish, doll-ish with an eclectic mood and … Continue reading

Midnight Mess

Midnight Mess by featuring flower jewelry

Midnight Mess

Midnight Mess by featuring a clear necklace

Rockin’ The Gold

Rockin’ The Gold by featuring round necklaces

The New Boy on the Block

The New Boy on the Block by featuring logo t shirts T by Alexander Wang shirts blouse$188 – Infamous logo t shirt$27 – Balmain cotton blazer$1,470 – See by Chloe high waisted pants£265 – Current/Elliott low rise skinny jeans$195 – Sam Edelman wedge boots$362 – Ash black wedge$220 – Jeffrey Campbell wedge boots$205 – spade pocket journals$18 –