Styling out

I’ve always loved fashion editorial…I buy magazines mainly for its fashion editorial..if it’s cool, I’ll pick it up in a heartbeat πŸ˜€

But one magazine that I always L.O.V.E for its editorial is nonetheless, Lula….with a tag line of ‘girl of my dreams‘, its editorial is always so gurl-ish, doll-ish with an eclectic mood and some what whimsical. Here are my favourites from Lula..

Both are shot by Ellen Von Unwerth for different Lula editorials

Hmmm I should really file my editorial collection and post here :/

So anyway I got a project as a stylist for a photoshoot by Reynard Karman a.k.a mons. Here is a bit about himΒ and some of his works..

I love fashion shoots but hhmm styling ’em…this is new…a long long time ago, I wanted a job as a fashion stylist in a magazine but it was never really pursued..I guess the passion in designing has always overpowered it. But I luv styling and I hardly go out unstyled πŸ˜‰

I searched about being a stylist just to get some idea on what fashion photoshoot is like:

Excerpt from “I want your job: Fashion StylistRachel Fanconi, interviewed by Alex McRae

“What skills do you need to be a top fashion stylist?

It’s not enough to have an artistic eye. Try to find inspiration in unexpected places. If you go to gigs, exhibitions and plays, it will inform your work. During a fashion shoot, you have to be hawk-eyed, ready to swoop on any visible bra straps or an uneven hemline. Pickiness and organisation are important. I take digital photos and print out suggestions of shoe, bag and outfit combinations, to make sure everything goes together. And I’m obsessive about my styling kit, which has my clothes steamer, pins, insoles, lots of underwear and toupee tape. If a dress needs extra padding round the bust, but there’s only one “chicken fillet” in your kit, it’s no use at all.” the key is to be prepared of any emergency situations, be organized and still have the artistic eye at every angle of the shoot πŸ˜‰

3 Responses to “Styling out”
  1. Vasare says:

    I’m the same I only buy magazines mainly for their editorials… hehe then stick it on my wall for inspiration to get ideas for shoots… what do you think of POP magazine? think it has that edgy expression of fashion something very different and not boring with the wow factor! hehe

    • missclash says:

      Yeaa stick it on wall is a good idea! I’ve been kinda stashing the collection in a box…thats’ why been thinking of scanning it n filing it :p
      I’ve bought POP magazine a long time ago once! Sorry can’t really remember much about it…but another good magazine i love is CLEAR magazine…always love the graphic cover..check it out! But frankly haven’t seen that magazine a lot nowadays….W also always hv cool editorial πŸ™‚

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