Tough Chic

I was browsing my favourite NJAL website to look for new fashion, emerging designer and definitely an escape to creativity, when I came across Rihanna ‘HARD’ Spike dress made by Bryce Aime

<div style=”position:relative;width:500px;height:500px;”><a href=”;.mid=embed-thing&amp;id=35241796″><img width=”500″ alt=”BRYCE_AIME dress” src=”; title=”BRYCE_AIME dress” height=”500″ border=”0″ force=”1″ /></a></div><br/><small><a href=”;.mid=embed-thing&amp;id=35241796″>BRYCE_AIME dress</a>   (clipped to <a href=””></a&gt;)</small>

It’s an awesome piece and definitely go along well with the song. The video clip was first released in November 2009. Love the clip!! I really shows some tough chic going on and Rihanna really has the attitude to the song, let alone her tough bad expression. The outfits worn in the clip shows it off. Love the white jacket with the wide tubular shoulders, the spike dress and jaw-dropping myself at the ‘bullet’ vest…now that’s what I call a bulletproof vest in fashion!

Check out Polyvore’s editorial mix of the spike pieces in fashion…I’m sooo drooling over the bustier picks! slurrpppppp

Then I remember watching a video clip of Rihanna about some ruling the town or something……and gosh I’m glad I found it! It’s ‘Run This Town’ by Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye West. I like this song and I remember the video clip was really cool

I luv luv LUV this bullet bustier on Rihanna!!! It’s soo tough and sexy but it’s balanced out with the white fur. It’s such a sweet irony and it gives me the chill! And her black sunnies with black stones top it all. It looks so perfect on Rihanna and her hair  and attitude just complete the outfit


Next video is Beyonce’s new song…I’m sure y’all have heard this in the radio everywhere coz this song is just so cool and awesome for us gurls! It’s ‘Run The World (Girls)’ that was released just on April 2011. I cannot stop watching at this clip…the fashion takes my breathe away…..

Gosh I LUV this headpiece…it’s so Cleopatra-ish but tough & strong at the same time. I mean it looks so perfect on her that makes her really DA queen who runs this world! Luv the strings of chains and gold rock beads that run at the front

Next one in my luv list is the black fur vest…I actually just bought something similar to this in Hong Kong :p SCORE!

My version 🙂

(ok don’t laugh I was trying to show the ‘toughness’ :s)

anyway I wore this outfit to a fashion show event by Secret Wardrobe in Diagonale, so figured had to wear something with statement

up, close & personal with the vest…it’s chiffon fringe but it really looks fur-ish from a far don’t u think?


Next on Beyonce’s outfit in ‘Run The World (Girls)’, I also spotted my favourite Givenchy Couture dress from the Spring 2011 collection…gosh she’s LUCKY! But I didn’t think of any tough-ness when I saw this dress at the Givenchy show….but in this clip, Beyonce gives a totally different perspective of the dress

Sometimes you can’t get away from the bling bling pieces and you go all out or not at all…Beyonce’s style! The dress is by Gareth Pugh from his Fall 2011 collection. The accessories are to die for!! The gold claw set and earrings are by Lariucci. I envy Beyonce now…. (.T-T)”

I’m officially into chunky shoes and platforms now! \(.*v*)/

Btw you can also check the rest of Beyonce’s outfits and find out the designers thru Fashion Bomb Daily’s post. It’s an awesome post and full of all the designer’s pieces worn in the clip!

I was ‘dragged’ into an electronic store the other day and I thought I would fall dead into boredom til I spotted this really interesting video clip…it’s full of headshot clips with her being made up and dressed, then splash of colour paints on her body against a white wall. Couldn’t hear the audio (obviously with all the other TVs competing in sound) but couldn’t stop watching at the video that was looping over and over again on this huge new LED TV. Guess what….

Yep..Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Strip Me’

I was a bit surprised actually…I imagined her as having a ‘girl-next-door’ style and all of a sudden I saw her in this clip wearing chunky accessories, high-fashion tops, cool headpieces and fashion-forward make ups! I honestly didn’t think the video clip went well with the song at first. I mean when I first saw it without the audio, I imagined the song like Rihanna’s or somebody who is edgier. But then I watched the video again just to look at the pieces she wears and well it does go well with it :p

Luv this mix of textures on the shell necklaces and gold bead cuff. The shape of the necklace gives such an edge despite its shell material. It’s so new!

This headpiece is so unique and gives a mystery and an edge to Natasha Bedingfield. I think it’s made of a mesh but it has a structure to it that gives a sense of tough-ness into an outfit. She should wear this in the red carpet and make a statement! 

Gosh this my favourite piece! I wonder who it’s by!! She wears it really well and love it with the gold cuff and rings she has on…her make-up adds a perfect touch to the outfit! I didn’t think this was Natasha Bedingfield…but well it looks perfect on her and it puts her front in the fashion world 😉 

This is another tough chic look I like and again white fur is making an appearance like Rihanna’s bullet bustier/white fur vest. Luv this fur and knit top (or poncho??) The neckline is awesome and the knit pattern is exquisite. It drapes well on the body and is so cool to see her jumping around in it 🙂 Her make-up and the black strips on her arm add an edge to the look. Love her hair-styling too!

Ahhh I’m so excited now! Have lots of ideas on styling, accessories and make-ups now 😀


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