[Style Shoot] The 8/8 shoot idea

Style direction from mons for my 1st styling project..

I like all these fun flowers and how it’s all placed around the shots…some look fun, some are mysterious and it could look melancholy too like the one with the pink teddy bear


Colours on colours…i luv colours!

We’re looking for colourful and playful but still has dramatic emotion on her look. Location is outdoor…I’m thinking of doing it in a garden or a wild outdoor-ish with colourful outfits and props. Fun poses but still has that dramatic expression..here are some of my ideas..

For make-up, I’ve been spotting the tangerine lipstick in the runways so I’m feelin’ it…I think it could look cool with the shoot πŸ™‚ and I L.O.V.E Kate Bosworth cover on Nylon March 2011. She’s so cool, so easy-goin and I luv that messy braided hair on her. Love her facial expression too…I might do a natural face with tangerine lipstick for this shoot πŸ™‚

I’m excited!!!

4 Responses to “[Style Shoot] The 8/8 shoot idea”
  1. Vasare says:

    Great post, just saw it under fashion tag , I love photography, but styling for shoots is one of my favourite things as well. And I can’t separate these apart, seems like every shoot I do I have to style it myself…hehe. These little ‘mood boards’ are very inspiring and I will be sure to check your updates again.

  2. hautebird says:

    love love love love!

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