[Style Shoot] 8811 fashion shoot

Whoaaa so styling in a photo shoot could be exhausting! It was very exciting but the heat kinda took over and after we were finished, the exhaustion just went into the vein

We started around 8.30am in a house located in Pondok Indah, Jakarta. A rundown old house with antique furnitures and cracked paints. My photographer, Mons, was already there to set things up. We went thru our rundown where to shoot each outfit, bringing the colours behind the background to see how it would look. My model, Dee, arrived, then the make-up artist, Shank Indra Tan.

We took a lot of the shoot outdoor so the sun was really getting into us later on. But it was really fun and Mons was also pretty chilled out. And Indra was a funny guy too, easy to work with. Dee is a tiny one but easy to direct. She has a nice face to do headshot too

Here are the sneak previews from my Blackberry…can’t wait to see the final edit!

Yep we managed to make a bed on the concrete terrace

Gettin’ hot

The bright pink

Pretty against the flaky paints

Foolin’ around

The orange and its peaches

Adding colours to the nude outfit

I love this! up on the edge of the rooftop

Touch-up for last shot

Finishing up at around 3.30ish and the sun was really getting into us but yayyy to our last shot!

Can’t wait to see the final editing!!

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