Creative and the Chemist | NOT JUST A LABEL





Creative and the Chemist | NOT JUST A LABEL.

I came across this article from NJAL about a collaboration between fashion &  science. Helen Storey, a designer & Professor at London College of Fashion, and Tony Ryan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Science at the University of Sheffield, had teamed up together to create a beautiful and yet beneficial to our earth & body. The technology used supposedly could breakdown the airborne pollutants into non-harmful chemicals. So it could ultimately purify the air we breathe as we wear the clothes.

It will be amazing if this could really go into the market. I mean we keep buying clothes. I just went to my tailor to make a dress and she said she’s been busy because people always want to make clothes. Every time I get dressed and look at my wardrobe, the only thing I think about is ‘I have no clothes’. On the other hand, our earth is suffering from our lifestyles that constantly damage the environment. Here is an excerpt:

What can be done to make sustainable fashion more than a strategy for marketing purposes?

If human behaviour stays as it is, as it has ever been, then the people that want to make sure that sustainability is sustainable are going to have to get cleverer because the average person doesn’t want to make any behaviour change whatsoever. I know we live in London, and there are the Guardian readers and all the rest of it, and you can sometimes think, or hope, that the world is full of people who are willing to make a certain amount of change, but you only have to look at the scale of the problem and the amount of people that don’t do anything, (and the years it has taken people to use recycle bins, it’s been 20 years since we’ve been trying to do this) versus the finite resources around us and the clock that’s ticking on the planet. All this means, is that people who come up with solutions have got to get smarter, to make the solution invisible, or close to effortless, in order for us to deliver ‘sustainable’ without waiting for people to change their minds or their habits. We have to go with ‘human behaviour’.

Helen Storey also agrees that fashion or creativity could perhaps help to change the way we live. I mean if the clothes we wear could purify the air we breathe, how awesome would that be?! This makes fashion to be something beyond image and style, and makes science to be more fun to the greater people. And with the vast numbers of rising designers out there, maybe it’s about time to go beyond designing fashion to stand out in the crowd. We have organic, sustainable fashion in the talk now, which is a good start but let’s not stop! 🙂


2 Responses to “Creative and the Chemist | NOT JUST A LABEL”
  1. DreamsTwister says:

    100% loved reading your post about clothes made to purify the air we breathe 🙂

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