[Style Muse] Gwen Stefani

Love her style…with her platinum blonde hair, the to-die-for body, and just cool vibe from her, she always poses a great sense of style, even in tank or cargo and sneaks…she can always pull it off

She wore a white tank & sweat pants in her L.AM.B fashion show and she looked super cool! Her hairstyle, hoop earrings and some gold bangles really add to the cool touch

Sports suit for a fashion show in NY Fashion Week….I swear she’s probably the only one who could pull it off and pass the bouncers at the door

The colours look amazing on her and not even closed to kiddish or tacky

Quirky chic becomes a unique style of her own

Love the way she mixes the prints, so different and unique!

The prints in close-up

Black & White…with a yellow bra..what a subtle and sexy way to add colour

In a Lanvin unique dress and Gwen Stefani could carry it off with an edge and a sense of coolness…is it the shoes? The shoes are cool..

In the red carpet, she can look elegant and yet pose that sense of edge too, and definitely a dress with a strong detail like the embellishment on the belt. Love her natural make-up too 

A glam dress that makes her look stunning and a bit different from her usual style but still stood out from the crowd

Amazing Gwen….and she still rocks her style even after she becomes a mom!

When I have a kid, I swear I’m gonna follow her footstep!

2 Responses to “[Style Muse] Gwen Stefani”
  1. cjot says:

    She’s so cool! She was cool in the 90’s too, not that many people can stay contemporary that long.

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