[Style Shoot] Old Hollywood Glam

Another styling project with Mons, a photographer from my previous project, for a photoshoot with Michaela Novakova. This time we’re gonna do something of a different mood but still colourful. Here are some inspiration direction from Mons…

I told him about Lula magazine btw, my favourite magazine for its editorials. His photography style is into that direction so he’s gettin’ it 😉

But I somehow came up with a better idea after browsing through my 1920s wedding folders and found these ones….one of my favourite fashion editorials ever “paris, je t’aime” by Steven Meisel…i L.U.V this editorial..everything about it, the outfits, the hairstyles (wanted to do this style for my 1920s0themed wedding actually), the expression, the poses, the setting…it’s all amazing!

‘Shot In The Dark’                                                                  ‘Un-Mellow Yellow’

‘Madame Bijou’                                                                           ‘Look Du Jour’

‘Full of Contradictions’                                                  ‘A Rose Is A Rose Is a Rose’

‘La Boheme’                                                                              ‘Belle Fleur’

‘Fresh Coat’                                                                               ‘Joie De Vivre’

      ‘Tall Order’                                                                                 ‘A Moveable Feast’

‘Dangerous Women’



I can’t wait to see how our shoot’s gonna come out!

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