[Style Shoot] Old Hollywood Glam

5 Sept 2011

It’s a hot…HOT…day…

We started early though at 7.30am. Photographer, Mons, and Michaela Novakova, were already in location, Hauwke Auto Gallery. My make-up artist, Priscilla Myrna, arrived short after.

While we did the make-up & hair, Mons & Laurent, the manager of the location, had to set up each outfit’s setting as Mons & I discussed the day before in the location. And this included pushing our chosen vintage cars outside of the garage 🙂

All outfit is by Secret Wardrobe Boutique collection and Ki’reii.

Here are sneak peeks into the shooting day…

Make-up Session with Priscill

Outfit #1

Being the glamour singer

Outfit #2

Outfit #2 & #3

In a sexy mode

Outfit #4

In the London phone booth and she’s too tall! So cute! n I L.U.V the color scheme in this shot!

Outfit #5

Stuffed inside the car in a hot, hot day

Outfit #6

Pushing the car :p

The tall Michaela with lil Priscill and me 🙂

Outfit #7

Love the color combo and mood too…we did more high-fashion poses here

Can’t wait to see the final editing by Mons!!!


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