[Style Shoot] Old Hollywood Glam

5 Sept 2011 It’s a hot…HOT…day… We started early though at 7.30am. Photographer, Mons, and Michaela Novakova, were already in location, Hauwke Auto Gallery. My make-up artist, Priscilla Myrna, arrived short after. While we did the make-up & hair, Mons & Laurent, the manager of the location, had to set up each outfit’s setting as … Continue reading

[Style Shoot] 8811 fashion shoot

Whoaaa so styling in a photo shoot could be exhausting! It was very exciting but the heat kinda took over and after we were finished, the exhaustion just went into the vein We started around 8.30am in a house located in Pondok Indah, Jakarta. A rundown old house with antique furnitures and cracked paints. My … Continue reading

[Style Shoot] The 8/8 shoot idea

Style direction from mons for my 1st styling project.. I like all these fun flowers and how it’s all placed around the shots…some look fun, some are mysterious and it could look melancholy too like the one with the pink teddy bear   Colours on colours…i luv colours! We’re looking for colourful and playful but … Continue reading

Styling out

I’ve always loved fashion editorial…I buy magazines mainly for its fashion editorial..if it’s cool, I’ll pick it up in a heartbeat 😀 But one magazine that I always L.O.V.E for its editorial is nonetheless, Lula….with a tag line of ‘girl of my dreams‘, its editorial is always so gurl-ish, doll-ish with an eclectic mood and … Continue reading

The Wedding Dress-es

9 January 2011 Can’t believe the day’s here now! Here are the final creations of everything 🙂 You can notice some changes in design, which is a result of the collaboration and putting expertise input to make the pieces more comfortable. And of course, final fabric choices affect the design as well :p The dream … Continue reading

Our city of the 1920s

9 January 2011 So the day had come finally…the happiest day of our lives and when our journey together begins… After all the 5 months planning, we stood there and saw that what we had worked on, what we had worried and stressed on had finally come through and it was all worth it. Everything … Continue reading

A city in a ballroom please…

This is what happen when you want to build a city inside a ballroom… A lot of stages and must i say mock-up, mock-up, mock-up As previously mentioned at the beginning of the wedding planning, we decided on a ‘Chicago Jazz 1920s’ theme I wanna share the mock-ups that the designer/architecture made for us…he’s an … Continue reading

Photoshoot collection is rolling..

Apologize for the delay….life has been a lil hectic with this n that =s Photos are mostly done in the editing section, editing was fun but uploading is a bitch… Check out my flickr for the editorial shoot at http://www.flickr.com/photos/missclash/ Flick thru ‘the Swirling kid’ & ‘Chic Slick’  and let me know what you think! Good … Continue reading

first photo shoot done!

phewwww…done! 18 looks shot, 1 model, 1 photographer, 1 venue, countless poses in 1 day…dang i’m really pushing it! but i’m glad we did it =) started at 10am, we did the make-up naturally one so it’s versatile…played more with accessories by Lost & Found and headpieces by Opposites Attract we were all really a … Continue reading

first time shooting

today is my very first photo shoot! styled by me…directed by me…shot by Enrics…modeled by Rena…shot in Salim’s Residence at Pondok Indah clothes by various international local designers i’m nervous! hopefully it will turn out great!!!!!