Kimono & The Dragonflies

The Summer Dragonflies Β It’s summer in Japan soon and all the yukatas are out. And all the pastels from the kimonos images that I’ve collected have also inspired me to do something with pastels, but of course with a bit of an edge. Here is a see-through kimono with painted dragonflies flying. Underneath is yellow … Continue reading

Modern Grease way

I almost forgot to do my Grease sketch! I was at the Tempozan Harbor Village on the weekend and I saw this girl, really cool, has this ultra-cool, a lil bit of rock look in her outfit and her hair, which she did it like that ‘grease’ lookin’ hair! It was sooo cool and it … Continue reading

The Multi-Flagship

I’ve been blessed to have lived in different countries in the past of my life…it’s such an inspiring experience & advantageous opportunity to be able to do this in your lifetime πŸ™‚ Living in a different country than your own opens up your eyes to what’s out there beyond what you know, it gives you … Continue reading

The underGround mushroom

Here’s a sketch I did on mushroom…not so whimsical, not too cute, a lil edge…so it’s more like the dark side of mushroom :p An A-line dress with a high bateau neckline with a red facing and side slit pockets in a shape of circle that reveals the contrast red lining Mushroom appliques are tacked … Continue reading

Swirling Hippie

Well you should already know by now that I’m into swirling stuff so what’s a better way to illustrate the 70s vibe than having swirling here n there? πŸ˜‰ The Swirling Hippie Bustier out of Western style, American, check cotton shirt with denim piping, flared washed out denim and top it with that sexy loose … Continue reading

The Black Rain

I can still picture the A-Bomb devastation in my head until now…and I read stories about the surviving victims, which really saddens me 😦 Found this website that has the victims’ stories and facts on nuclear bombs in those days and present… Here is a sketch I came up with… I remember about the black … Continue reading

The Sakura Himemiya

I looked thru the pictures I took from the hanami and it just gave me inspiration to do something of a princess, or angel, or some sort, that is the mother of all sakura who protects its growth and its existence in this earth. The picture from the Osaka-jo is particularly the one that lets … Continue reading

Harajuku – inspired

Harajuku Gurls are so inspiring! I searched for more pictures on Harajuku on the web and these are ones that caught my eyes (u can click on the picture to go to the original blog) LOVE the accessories on the bangs! and wow they look like total ravers too with all the plasticky neon bracelets … Continue reading

Wedding Dress Sketches

This is the part I’m more excited about…the dress! in fact, the dresses! I got to do the wedding dress, the after-party dress, the tuxes, the bridesmaids, and a relative of mine πŸ˜€ For the wedding & after party dresses and also the mothers, I collaborated with Suzy Lucon, an Indonesian renowned couturier & fashion … Continue reading