The Kimono

Long before living in Japan, I was always fascinated with the Japanese culture. The cartoon anime that I used to watched religiously in my younger days like Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, and the thousands comic books, just infused my fascination toward Japanese cultures starting the day I could read. And of course … Continue reading

The anime exhibition

My Japanese language school (or we call it Nihongo school), Meric, happens to be at Nipponbashi, Osaka. Nipponbashi is like Akihabara in Tokyo. The centre of electronic goods, computer, camera, electronics stuff, you name it, it’s there…yea boring…BUT the exciting part about these 2 areas are the anime community with lots of game centers, anime … Continue reading

The Black Rain

I can still picture the A-Bomb devastation in my head until now…and I read stories about the surviving victims, which really saddens me šŸ˜¦ Found this website that has the victims’ stories and facts on nuclear bombs in those days and present… Here is a sketch I came up with… I remember about the black … Continue reading

Street live painting

I’ve been spotting live painting on the street of Osaka in the past few’s quite interesting actually to see how the artist transforms the blank canvas into a piece of art The 1st live painting I watched was by a friend of mine, Julie Blanchin, a French artist who resides in Tokyo now. She … Continue reading

Hiroshima’s Pain & Strength

I went to Hiroshima last week. I only knew about Hiroshima from the nuclear bombing back in 1945. So I was very curious to see how the city looks like now. We checked the city out on the internet and there’s a few site that is of the nuclear bombing…the A-Bomb Dome, Peace Memorial Park … Continue reading

The Sakura Himemiya

I looked thru the pictures I took from the hanami and it just gave me inspiration to do something of a princess, or angel, or some sort, that is the mother of all sakura who protects its growth and its existence in this earth. The picture from the Osaka-jo is particularly the one that lets … Continue reading

Sakura in the midst of crisis

I’ve always wanted to do hanami, which really means viewingĀ sakura. In fact, I was so excited to be spending time in Japan during the Sakura season, which only runs for about 1-2 weeks in each city and there’s never really any certain prediction.But due to the earthquake & tsunami & nuclear disaster, we were forced … Continue reading